Air Race Classic 2019

Team Bernoulli (featuring Virginie Rollin and Naiara Petralanda) arrived safely in Jackson, TN. This morning they will be going through credentials and inspections. Virginie and Naiara will start the race at McKellar-Sipes Regional Airport in Jackson, Tennesse, and will culminate 2,500 miles later at Niagara Central Dorothy Rungeling Airport in Welland, Ontario. To follow these two adventerous womens’ progress as well as all the racers, log into .

Good luck ladies; wishing you blue skies and tailwinds!

The Daytona 99’s enjoyed breaking bread with Lena Duken (from Germany) on Thursday, June 6th in Deland. Lena was in the US where she earned her FAA Privat Pilot certificate. She is here to build the required flight hours to convert her certificate to an EASA certificate.


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