Compass rose painting on Feb. 9th 2019

We were planning on painting a compass rose in Ocala on February 9th, but they have a change of plans and won’t be ready for us. But our co-chair Naiara wants to have one painted at her airport, so we are switching to Flying Baron Estates instead. Details below, please RSVP to me (virginierollin85 .at. if you can come so we know how much food to get. Also please let us know if you will be flying in so Naiara can plan for the planes, since the apron will be closed that day.
When? February 9th. Layout at 8 am, painting at 9 am
Where? Flying Baron airport, 10FA. Flying directions: 7NM west of Leesburg (KLEE), 6000 ft runway 11/29 (only 3000 ft published, but it is 6000 ft), unicom 122.9. Activate mike on unicom frequency 7 times to turn on the flashing light and warn residents that an airplane is coming, and check the runway for joggers, dogs, cars, golf carts… Naiara’s hangar is the first one on the left side of the approach end of runway 29.
Driving directions: enter 1533 Youngs Rd, Leesburg, FL in your GPS.
What should you bring? I know it’s February, but plan on having hat, sunscreen, water bottle, work clothes, jacket. If you have painting tools you want to bring, feel free, but we will provide everything. Please label your tools. Also bring knee pads if you have some.
What will be provided? Lunch, paint, painting and layout tools, camaraderie
What will we do? We’ll start by creating the outline of the rose starting at 8 am. Only a few people are required for this step (4 or 5 at most). By 9 am, we should have enough ready that we can start painting, that’s when we need most people (10-15 people would be great). We’ll take a lunch break, we’ll probably have a short business meeting and keep painting. We should be done at 4pm at the latest if everything goes smoothly. If you can come for a few hours only, that’s fine too, you don’t have to spend the whole day.
Who can come? Anybody! Man, woman, pilot, non-pilot, kids old enough to paint inside the lines. I’ll probably have my 2 young kids with me, so we’ll have someone available to watch the younger ones. Please spread the word with your friends, EAA chapters, co-workers, other 99s chapters… This is actually a fun activity!

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