99s Booth at the DeLand Sport Aviation Showcase

On November 1-3, our chapter of the 99s had a booth at the DeLand Sport Aviation Showcase. I’d like to extend a warm welcome to the future 99s and friends of the 99s we met in DeLand. We had a pretty active booth and got to meet some amazing people. Also thanks to all those who (wo)manned the booth: Pat Ohlsson, Naiara Petralanda, Jenae Bickord, Valerie Taylor, Susan Sharp and Evelyn Shapiro. Also thanks to Pat for sharing some of her 99s memorabilia with us (see the quilt on the picture). After a slow start on Thursday for my “Flying with kids” presentation, the pace picked up on Friday and Saturday with the “Sidekick: Right seat flying for non-pilots” and “Aviation education: Getting kids involved in aviation” presentations. Thank you also to Jana and Gary Filip for inviting us to the showcase.
We look forward to having a booth again next year!
img_20181103_132210Left to right: Evelyn Shapiro, Pat Ohlsson, Susan Sharp, Naiara Petralanda, Virginie Rollin

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