Virginie’s Update

Here are some updates, in no particular order:
– The deadline for scholarships in the registry is TODAY! There are some great opportunities there to help fund your training:
– The Spaceport chapter’s scholarship is open and is due May 1st. Information in pdf attached.
– The Spring Section meeting will be held on April 14th at Sun N Fun (SNF). You can go to the meeting if you are at SNF. If you don’t want to go to SNF but still want to attend the meeting, contact Ellen Herr ( so she can get you in. If you want to attend the 2 dinners with your fellow section members, you’ll need to register for the meeting (and for SNF):
– The Fall section meeting will be October 5-7 in Whitesburg, GA. Discounted registration applies until the end of Sun N Fun ($99 instead of $110 for early registration rate). Register early to save!
– We had tons of fun at our meeting on Saturday! Thanks to Naiara for hosting, giving us the presentation on Backcountry Flying and giving rides in her Just airplane. We had a business meeting, and here are a few dates to save for the upcoming year:
   * May 19th: annual meeting. We are looking into having some introduction to seaplane flying, so we’ll keep you posted.
   * Tentatively November 10th: Pennies a pound fundraiser. We are looking for volunteer pilots (need to have a minimum of 500 hours and access to a plane with a standard airworthiness certificate (no experimentals)). Please send me or Naiara ( names of interested pilots.
   * Tentatively February 9th 2019: Compass rose in Ocala
   * Tentatively March 9th 2019: Compass rose in Spruce Creek
   * We may be asked to help with a compass rose in Lakeland in the fall as well, date TBD
Minutes of the meeting:
– Don’t forget to vote for the International election. You should have received either an electronic ballot or a paper ballot depending on your selection. If you did not select an electronic ballot but want one in the future, you can still change your selection online (won’t apply to this round of elections, though). Remember that voting online saves the organization money, so please opt-in!
Thanks for reading until the end!
Blue skies,
Virginie Rollin
Co-chair, Daytona 99s

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